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Bah Humbug!

Friend lent me his loco aslong as i fixed it, it wouldn't move, noticed the pick up on one side was missing, so hacked in a little old hornby tank (which had motor problems, i'm going replace that later in 2019) & stole one of its pick ups, the tender loco smoked up. Decided to replace the motor, new one didn't fit in the shell.... replace both pick ups? - No movement & no smoke (its not suposse to smoke anyhow).  Any ideas??


Images show it with new pickups wired in place of the old ones....





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2 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:



4 hours ago, Joe Keegan said:

No spring to tension brushes on to motor commutator 

Insulation sleeve required between spring and brushes 

Ah. I think i understand.... So, i need to put the spring clip - with the insulation sleeve - back on the top of the motor?

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