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Home for the Railway 4 Test Track



The fit out of the railway room/workshop is going well with most of the trackwork complete to the G Scale storage sidings and the 21mm test track.


The 21mm test track is basically a section of double track with a crossover and a short section of track with a reverse curve to detect buffer/gangway locking locos and bogie coaches.


The curved track varies between 2'6" & 3' and the crossover is an A5 (approx 3' radius) which would generally only be used where space is tight.




The test of the pudding pushing a rake of wagons through the crossover The track is a mixture of Atlas Code 82 and Peco Code 75 flatbottom rail soldered to copper clad sleepers. Next stage wire up the crossover and try out with a loco :trains: hopefully everything stays on.


The wagons are a mixture of scratch and modified Parkside kits




Standard CIE covered H Van (red oxide) and ex-GNR Bagged Cement (dark grey) both from the Parkside BR Plywood sided van kit.


The CIE van is supposed to be a fitted van hence clasp brake shoes and should have handwheels to apply the hand brakes.


The CIE van body were subtly different to the BR version with plywood ends, different strapping and self contained buffers (MJT).




Not my best efforts :o scratchbuit CIE 20T brake and KN long cattle both overdue for replacement. The brake is mainly plasticard with whitemetal Kenline strapping which is alas no longer available.


I am getting to the layout planning phase I am looking more at the Burma Road than the T&C both because of greater variety of stock and operation and I probably have enough suitable locos and stock to model both steam and diesel operation, though I need to add some Midland locos.


The stations tend to be more compact with less sprawl and simpler buildings and structures than the Midland, I am thinking in terms of fitting in two stations possibly based on Kiltimagh and Charlestown with end to end or continuous run operation, but I need to do some thorough testing of locos and stock first.



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Hi John, there appears to be a problem with the images you attached. Could you re-upload them? Would love to see them... :)


Edit: it's fixed now... excellent work, as always!

Edited by Garfield
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