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Home for the Railway 5 even more drawn out than Harry Potter's schooldays



I had great plans to strat building baseboards and finishing various modelling projects over the holidays but ended up painting windows and making a set of doors for a shed started over a year ago.


The modelling highlight was testing out some 21mm stock over the Christmas mainly adjusting Kadee couplers and getting the AEC railcar set running.


Having gotten over that bit of excitement there was a major move in shifting the 4mm dock layout to the shed and moving the N Scale American from storage in the shed into its place in the office.




This was intended to be a temporary set up but could make a nice layout with some tweeking, I never got to properly display the diner and filling station on the old N gauge in Ireland.


Then move some of the 4mm stock into a new display case (Christmas present from wife) in the office.




I am not sure how this will fit in with the idea of a small station on the borders of Mayo and Sligo, a bit too similar to the American layout, possibly a scenic fiddle yard?




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The N Guage is set in the late 60s/70s period mainly Delaware & Hudson, with LV, RDG & EL power sneaking in on run through and connecting services.


The railcar is based on a set of Worsley Works with Black Beetle bogies under the powered unit. The cars were built 3-4 years ago along with a couple of Laminates and a Park Royal, and never got round to testing or fitting couplers.

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