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  1. This Layout is amazing - the lower road bridge and the buildings bring me right back. Well done to you. "The next big hurdle will be the roof and trusses!! Still trying to figuring out what to do for that! " - This chap is doing something similar with a curved roof, his channel might be of some help - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCABk7RxkTI JB
  2. Thanks for the replies, Yes - Checked it out on DC both before and afterwards and all is fine there with the Lights. After going back to DCC I then had one of "those" moments....... "Ah, If I had been looking at the bonnet end as well as the cab......." Yes, you guessed it, I had tunnel vision on the cab and didnt notice the lights coming on at the Bonnet end! Anyway, this is what I found. F0 = Bonnet Marker light F1 = bonnet Red light F2 = Cab Red light F5 = bonnet Head Light F6 = Cab Head light It appears the only one I am missing is the Cab Marker light RE the Chip I have - Lok Pilot 5 DCC/MM/SX/M4 At the time I bought 134 I didnt have the money for the sound chip and I thought I would do something later - "Just make sure not to miss getting one of the Locos!" A sense of technical curiosity now has me wondering how I can find where the Marker lights Joe, do you have a reference for this -"Unless you have DCC knowledge of Mapping functions using the Lok programming / Decoder Pro with a Sprogg"? I mostly use Hornby Railmaster for Programming my Decoders and I have a Roco z1 controlled either by a MultiMaus or from surplus iPad. I have also used one of the Free Dcc Programming tools previously that could pick up the z1 - I dont have the Train laptop to hand say which one. On the other hand, part of the sound track of my childhood was listening to various GM Locos going through their scales while they sat in Kent station waiting their next duty -My Father used to pick up Packages from FastTrack many an evening and I would go along and wander along the platforms until the paperwork was sorted. there was inevitably one or more GM engined leviathan ( to me) sitting there with its engine note going up and down, or perhaps hauling something through the station. So maybe I should go for the sound chip for 134 - She's certainly the most characterful Loco I have. Cheerio all.
  3. Wow, This is an eye opener. My experience has been - secondhand ebay.co.uk purchase - Ouch!! on the price but it was a loco I wanted, so suffered the ebay fulfillment Irish tax etc. two orders from Hattons - used the trunk service - delivery straight to the office - no problems TeleRail order of some old Irish Rail DVDs from the 90's - AnPost "please pay" notice - received the DVDs about 5 working days later Today - AnPost "please Pay" notice for Order of two small form factor "Stay Alives" from Digitrains ( couldnt find them in the EU )- no mention of Irish Vat on the website but did notice they weren't charging vat so I was expecting the AnPost notice . Hopefully they arrive like the DVDs. Two Lokpilot Chips from Germany - straight in the door - pity you cant buy all the kit from Marks Models, etc. - I try but often I just cant find the product in Ireland. A German order of a bridge for some Kit bashing - anxiously waiting......... JB
  4. Excellent news - I missed this previously. And after seeing the O gauge Layout at the Fort Camden Model day I'm looking forward to see it with scenery now. I'm also looking forward to a road trip to Wexford ( without a Caravan threatening to disintegrate behind me like an episode of TopGear....).
  5. Hi all, I have a question about the lights on the 121 class model. But as this is my first post - a brief Bio; MarklinVandal refers to how I got into model Railways - before I was old enough to know better I went under a 6X4 Marklin Table that was at home and proceeded to cut many of the wires with a NailClippers apparently. It languished until I was older at which point between lego and all the spares for the "Train Table" I had enough of an interest to fix it - It was sold after a while as I went through a couple of permutations of layouts through the years. Currently the Junior Controller and I are gradually building a modular folded eight with an outside loop ( inspired by many Cyril Freezer plans). Stock is an eclectic mix of whatever we fancy but the inspiration for the feel of the layout will be the circular Cathcart line in Scotland ( very Tenuous ). The story of the layout thus far is here if anyone fancies a read and to see how slow it has been - https://www.newrailwaymodellers.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=52479 On to the question. I bought a model of 134 earlier this year. I picked up a couple of Lokpilot 5 chips to see if they would do 187 ( bought so many years ago ) and I thought perhaps they might to 134 as well. The Lights on 134 have me mystified this evening - as I read the Murphy Models sheet I understood them to be: Turn on the Switches to the settings you want. Then use F4 and F5 to turn them on. So I set the following to on - red rear, marker light cab, Headlight Cab. Instead I Find F1 turns on the Red rear lights and F6 turns on The Headlight on the Cab. I then went and turned all the Switches to on and I had the same result. Am I doing something wrong? ( bought a chip that doesn't work with them) or am I reading the instructions wrong or......? Cheerio, Confused in Cork.
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