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  2. Excellent job Derek, look forward to seeing it at the show!
  3. Is anyone listening from IE??? This representation looks fantastic and quality versus the existing, life less tones! Well done on artwork!!
  4. Noel, sorry about length of time to confirm. CV8 =8 worked out fine. Thanks again.
  5. Noel, got round to applying remedy today and all worked out well. Thanks again for the good advice. John
  6. Donegal Town to be in the period 2005-2008ish! The concept is that CIE upgraded the existing narrow gauge to std gauge. The line runs to Strabane and links then with Derry in one direction and of course Dublin in the opposite. Such an arrangement allows for cross border fleet activity of IR and NIR. Equally on the bus bus front Bus Eireann and Ulster's will feature. Allied to those will be the remnants of CDR in a Lough Swilly type fleet. What makes this sustainable? ..well, stretching my imagination that wee bit further, the textile industry survived and multiplied with Fruit of the Loom, Des
  7. Thanks Warbonnet. I appreciate the early guidance!
  8. Donegal town takes shape. Long term project inches forward
  9. I am having problems with a Belfast Model Shop class 201 decoder/sound card. The speed is fixed at a snails pace and I cannot achieve in increased activity. It's as if the loco is stuck on notch 1. Can anyone help? Many thanks
  10. Well, being a fan of progress and development I have got to pose the question do IE need a new logo and marketing makeover. With falling passenger numbers, excess fleet numbers are there not better ways of spending money on getting bums on seats?
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