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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering of there is any shows on in dublin on the 24th of November please.or any where between cork and dublin. Cheers Brian
  2. hi just wondering would u be up to selling any of the models please
  3. hydey


    Cheers for the info lads.I think I will go with the br mk1.if anybody knows someone selling them let me no please plus I will also need someone to work on them for me if he no anybody.
  4. hydey


    Cheers warb 280 pounds or 320 Euro is a lot of money when I would b thinking of donnor coaches which would work out cheaper
  5. hydey


    Hi larne cabin Cheers for the info.I saw a few sealink stuff on eBay at 20 pound a pop so I was thinking about buying a few donnor carriages and see if somebody could do a job on them for me.please advice.
  6. hydey


    Hi is there anybody out there that could make a few sealink carriages for me please and what kind of money would we be talking.Cheers
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