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  2. Hi lads, was wondering if anybody has bought via online shopping anything from the UK , curious about the vat situation when the postman arrives at the door with brexit and all that. Haven't bought anything since late last year and was holding off too see how everything settled down.
  3. Ahhhhh I had a problem like this, at pretty much the point on the track it would short out the controller. I traced it to a freight car with metal wheels but it only happened when two train met head to head, which was odd.I replaced the wheels and fine since.
  4. I was thinking it was Putin , but Trump....mmmhhhh...food for thought. I hear he's not too fond of trains.
  5. I'm clearly getting grumpy as I get older. I managed to blow a DCC Concepts chip while testing the led lights I fitted front and rear to an Athearn DC loco , the wiring wasn't tied down and the cover was off the loco so I was just running with just the chassis. It worked fine but a wire managed to hit a live rail. Chip is now dead, my fault. Fired a mail off to DCC Concepts and got a mail back , part cost replacment which is good considering I killed it. "Noting that you may not have that much experience with fitting decoders, we are willing to offer a replacement at half retail price." That above line in the email annoyed me , seven locos in converted from DC to DCC I suspect I might have an inkling about what to do and I did explain how the wire accidently hit the rail. I blame Brexit Over-sensitive on my part? Bill
  6. Moyasta is about 10 minutes from Kilkee by car depending on how fast you tend to drive there may be salt corrosion but I'm no expert on that. I hope they get the building , as for planning permission I doubt the neighbours would mind but who knows. It'd be good to see the rolling stock on static display or even running.
  7. Wooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mighty impressive layout. I thought I had too much rolling stock, appearently not.
  8. I am impressed, I wish my layout could look that good.
  9. Thats good to know, I might drop them a line to see if they need volunteers to help out. Yeah the sea air is a problem down there one of the locos has a fair bit of rust. Thanks Garfield.
  10. Hi lads, I loaded up the clan and heading to Kilkee for a bit of sea air with a drop into the West Clare railway at Moyasta to look around and see the IE Locos and Rolling stocking there. They've a 121,two 141s but hard to tell with the tarpauline covering them , an A class ( I think) a push -pull set DVT and a few MK 3 coaches but all are pretty much abandoned by the looks of it which is a bloody shame anybody know whats going on out there? Bill
  11. Selling a Bachmann First Northwestern Class 158 DMU for €90 , free postage. Local pick or COD postage , I take paypal as well. Its DC and the few times I've run it around my old layout it was a very smooth runner.
  12. Just had looksee , website not the best but prices seem ok, firesale prices?
  13. Hi lads, Looking to sell some rolling stock I don't need anymore. whats the story with payment when you sell on here? Bank draft , cash or paypal? What do most people do and what works? Bill
  14. A friend sent me this on , happening in Shannon town. http://modellingmunster.com/modelling_munster_show.htm
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