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  1. Hang a minute .. wasn't there going to be two announcements at the show, or did I miss something?
  2. Thanks for building the resin version, just might have been enough momentum to get these! Fantastic news IRM - seventeen locos planned Any chance someone could publish the years the locos ran in the liveries shown or point me to a website? Thanks
  3. May it be an A Class please. What a great place to meet though!
  4. A huge thank you to the IRM team - Stephen, Fran, Patrick, Richie and their helpers. The ballast wagon is a superb model indeed and I'll have to summon up alot of courage to weather them down. Would someone remind me of the usual number in a rake along with the two ballast brakes topping and tailing? I might have to purchase some more sets and renumber them. The Bubbles and the Taras to come - what's next?
  5. Thanks for the build demo, very helpful and not a drop of solder to be seen.
  6. All being well 208 and 209 are on their way. Would someone remind me what date 230 was painted like the model? Thanks
  7. Hello When did the Mk 2s get black roofs and could black and orange roofs appear in the same train? Thanks
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