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    Born in Enniscorthy,Co.Wexford...moved from aged 10 approx.to Dublin&surrounding Counties for better part of adulthood. School to Leaving Cert,then into Art&Illustration College courses,and amid stream...started life-long dream as a Signwriter,loved it for 14 years until"the computer"made myself and many like me..redundant!!! 14 yrs.as Security Patrol Supervisor later...attacked & wounded,now on permanent disability...psychologically mainly...have a lotta time on my hands,and due to a heart-attack this Summer...has to be light work! So that's it in a nutshell!!!😎


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    My garden takes priority,model collecting 1/72,DIY&Security Camera installation for close friend


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    Retired Security Patrol Supervisor&ex.Signwriter.

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  1. Many thanks for the Birthday wishes. .appreciated! Haven't been back. .busy with home and family. ..but still in process of finishing my layout! It'll never match up to the Guru's of the club(or I doubt...the novices? ) but it'll suit me...fer the time being? Please let me know if there happens to be an exhibition due(chances are, yet again, I've missed one?) As I'd love to go? Thanks again, Clive
  2. Before the Festivities really begin,I'd like to say thank for the warm welcome to your Talented Group(phenomenal layouts,no detail too small or large to tackle)and I take this opportunity to wish you all equally an incredible Christmas....with nice HO:OO or similar stocking fillers!!!Clive
  3. I have approx.50+Herpa,1/87,plastic scale cars,vans etc. In darn good order ready to swop( hopefully) with some member in this group,or a friend you can pass info.onto....as a possible swap for trees,hedging,lamposts,letterboxes,phoneboxes etc. (Or €800...and yes I joke!!) Or if you might have plastic street buildings or similar? Thank you,Clive
  4. It shows just how"out of step"I am....that's a hefty price? I'd be out of the bidding on those sort of prices! My feeble Hornby set...20 yrs.old pales in comparison to prices like that! But I do love Irish Rail!
  5. We moved back to Enniscorthy area in 2006(RectoryRd.man)and have laid my new roots in Clonroche! I need to ask if there's any lads out there who can give me any info.re the closest Train Model Club in Wexford...this is the first time I've heard that there's a Wexford Club!In preparation to setup a layout,on a very small,beginners layout,one Irish Rail loco&carriages,about minimum of 10 plus buildings built(plastic)and shedload of road vehicles! I have one problem,I have a few 1/87 scale,modern vehicles,which I want to give to kindred spirit...or a swap for scenery or figurines?Please let m
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