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  2. Hi Guys, I wonder If anyone here can recommend someone honest and reliable to repaint and re-letter RTR models (Autoballasters and suchlike)into Irish liveries, please ? Any help much appreciated, Thanx
  3. Hi Anthoney, Ballykay is looking GREAT !!! PM sent re Outstanding repaints. Cheere, FrankS
  4. Hi Anthony, long-time-no-speak What are you using for the cobbled areas ? look great ! Cheers, Frank Savery, Down South in Tasmania
  5. Hi Kev, I'll take a coule of long shots tomorrow to give you an idea and I'll see If I've got an overall track plan. Taking the photo from fairly close up tends to make the layout look bigger, that's what I aim for anyway. Cheers, Frank S.
  6. Thanx Wrenneire, I'll send a PM.
  7. G'Day Guys, Thought I'd post an update on what's been happening on the Cilldargan Section, CIE. Well, the simple answer is 'not much'. The layout runs round the walls of the (roughly) 16' x 10' rear Bedroom. The layout room has to also do duty as my Study, My Library and an emergency spare bedroom. Which means that while 2 sides of the layout are built on a basis of (approx) 4' high IKEA Ivar shelving the other 2 sides run along a shelf built in to 8' High Ivar bookshelves and can't be much more than a foot wide. However, my eminently sensible, confirmed-bachelor son, has suddenly announced that he's going to commit marital suicide and move out, doing the whole bit engaged, married, rent a house, buy a house bit,. Which means that his 12' x 12' bedroom will be empty. Against all expectations S.W.M.B.O. announded that I could have it for my study/ library. When I picked myself up off the floor, I realised that there are good and bad aspects to this: ie The GOOD - the layout room can now just be the layout room, enabling wider boards not impeded with vertical supports which in turn will enable larger radius curves which will hopefully eliminate derailing steam loco trucks. The BAD - until it actually happens, and my son mounts the marital scaffold - there's not much point in doing any further building as it will have to be torn up in a year or so. so things have come to a stop for the time being. So, I'm still adding to the stock (awaiting the CIE liveried 071s) but that's about it for now. In the meantime I'm keeping myself out of trouble by reving an interest of 45+ years ago and buying old Egger-bahn HOe equipment on E-Bay and building a small HOe logging layout set in the Carpathian Mountains to run it on.
  8. Now, THAT seems like a GOOD plan !
  9. Ken, Stand in the Naughty Corner, and wash your mouth out with soap and water - I will pray for your salvation
  10. Well, it's been and gone and we are all still here So, I guess it's safe to wish all on the Forum a very Merry Christmas and train-loaded New Year from the management and staff of the Cildargan Section, C.I.E. in far-off Tasmania. Darn it, I could have bought 071s with the money I wasted on the tickets in the space capsule
  11. That's great news, thanx for that. Be in touch after Christmas when I see how many pennies The Boss (aka Mrs Claus) has left me with c:praying:
  12. Thanx for that, much appreciated. Be in touch after Christmas, when I see how many pennies the Boss (aka Mrs. Claus) has left me with
  13. As a life member of the TRPS I've got fly the flag - yes indeed The Talyllyn was the FIRST preserved railway in the world beating the Festiniog by several years. Also the TR never closed passing from the original owner, Sir Haydn Jones to the Preservation Society. The Festiniog had several years of closure. Mind you, that's not to belittle the Festiniog, when I visited all the Welsh NG lines in 2009, I was VERY impressed by the Festiniog, to my mind a much more professional organisation than my beloved Talyllyn.
  14. Thanx Guys' I think I'll just settle for the yellow lines squared off at the ends ~ without the writing and the Alien "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" signs Much appreciated
  15. Hi Guys been digging a bit and making enquiries and it all comes to the conclusion that I CAN'T change the function of the F2 button. Fortunately, as suggested here, it can be overcome and is no big deal with the non-sound decoder. However, After Christmas I'm looking at fitting a Belfast Model Shop sound decoder and I'm worrying :praying:that the function of the F2 button MAY be a big deal with the sound decoder, If it is set to control something that MUST be on. Could anyone who has bought one of these decoders for the NIR # 112 please tell me what function the F2 button controls on it, please. Much appreciated, Ta muchly.
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