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Creating Realistic Weathered Concrete with DAS Modelling Clay

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This is a start to finish series of videos on how to create weathered concrete for model railway depot hardstands using DAS weathering clay. Includes tips for modelling the clay, creating molds, painting, weathering and adding oily effects.


The playlist has 15  x 1 min videos to keep things nice and to the point :)

You can watch individual videos or the full playlist is below...

* Step 1: Create the mold

* Step 2: Mold the wet clay into shape

* Step 3: Separate the mold and clay

* Step 4: Cut off the mold

* Step 5: Sanding time

* Step 6: Cut out the wheel grooves

* Step 7: Cut out shed base grooves

* Step 8: Spray paint concrete base colour

* Step 9: Add grime to the rail and shed grooves

* Step 10: Sponge dab a grey pattern weathering wash

* Step 11: Add base colour of grime and dirt

* Step 12: Add dirt and algae areas

* Step 13: Add oily patches

* Step 14: Add subtle weathering powder effects & highlights

* Step 15: Add shiny oil reflections

Full Playlist


Feel free to comment and share, I always appreciate any feedback :)


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