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  1. The rivets look very well.
  2. Tom Brady of Irish Freight Models use to do a model of the Barytes wagon. always intended to buy a rake, but never got around to it.
  3. I vividly remember remember them loco,s sitting at Ashtown, I would have been six years old.
  4. Do not agree with you guys, I think she looks fantastic.
  5. Lovely layout, very impressive.
  6. Yea, saw it in Lullymore about a month ago, was not running, in fact nothing was running,despite all track laid.
  7. I am following this story from the start, it really is a fantastic piece of work.
  8. Its funny you mentioned Castleisland, It reminded me of Castleisland with the gated entrance, and the spacious yard.
  9. Not only are the locomotives in top class condition, the crew of no 63 are wearing blazers and boater hats.
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