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  1. Looks like a respray to me, no running number on it. Over spray on the vent above the door. I could be wrong.
  2. That looks really well.
  3. I am guilty of that.
  4. Should green come before gray and yellow
  5. Very realistic, I love the slightly bent grab rails, showing years of hard work.
  6. Thank you Lambeg Man, it,s so obvious when you see it.
  7. It,s the marketing model/style being used by IRM , it is whipping up a panic, get in quick or you will miss out.
  8. Hi I am just wondering if in the above text the name Ashdown is a typo and should it read Ashtown, as I have a memory as a very young child see a line of disused steam engines on a siding beside the level crossing at Ashtown.
  9. It sold for just under 500 Euro. It went for the asking price £425 with one bidder.
  10. I would be interested in taking a kit.
  11. Oh, I did not realize the layout was N gauge. Excellent.
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