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NIR 208 & 209 Delivery

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The 34 locomotives of the 201 class were delivered in 1994/95. 208 and 209 being delivered in NIR blue livery. A couple of questions so. Am I correct to believe they were offloaded in Dublin Port too? If so, what happened to these locomotives upon arrival? Did they go to Inchicore first or direct to NIR? Did they cross the border 'under their own steam', or were they hauled? Any info or images greatly appreciated! (Image credit- Eiretrains; Youtube; NIR 111 + 201 Class, Yankee Explorer, Knockmore)


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According to The Irish Railway Rambler they went to Dublin Port on the 24th and 25th of March 1995 and from there to Inchicore for commissioning. They then seem to have gone to Belfast under their own steam on the 21st and 22nd of April. 208 Entered traffic on the 17th of May, 209 on the 8th of June.

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Friday 24th March 1995 228 229 230 231 were unloaded on North Wall Quay Extension, 231, 229 were hauled to Inchicore by 157, 228 230 were hauled by 143 to Inchicore.

Saturday 25th March 1995 the 4 Enterprise locomotives 206 207 208 209 were unloaded, when 209 was unloaded it a broken window and unfortunately wasn't uncovered much to the disappointment for a small number of enthusiasts that showed up including myself, it was hauled to Inchicore with 206 by 187, 207 was unloaded and lastly 208, a number of officials from NIR waited patiently for the unveiling, what were we going to see, the blue cover, which all the 201s had was slowly removed with ropes, the NIR officials supervising the entire operation, and there it was, a beautiful 201 class locomotive in this deep blue with large letters NIR on both sides, it was hauled from the quayside by 187, 207 was the last hauled from the quayside, 187 hauled 207 and 208 to Inchicore with a brake van on the rear, I was there both days, 208 209 didn't last long in blue, 209 was painted in Enterprise De Dietrich livery in March 1997 and 208 in June/July 1997.

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