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Yeoman's Wharf, an OO9 Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Quayside Micro

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A little more progress has been made.

The quay wall extension mentioned above has been cobbled together and added. I've deliberately used a different pattern of stone sheet as I want it to look "added on". Most of the stonework has been painted as well, the idea being that it's similar rather than identical, again to look like it's been added. A brickwork capping will be made and a little warehouse to go on top. The warehouse is going to look like it's been extended as well, all a bit Heath Robinson :D

In other news, I've had an email to tell me that the points have been made, so I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival now :)

More photos when I've done a bit more!



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Posted (edited)

As mentioned above, the quay wall build-out has been made and added, and pretty much painted although I may tint a few more of the stones. I've also built a shallow brick plinth, and made the shell of the small warehouse that sits on top. I've got some new brick paper from Scale Model Scenery (no connection etc), which I think is so much better than what I've been using that I'm planning to redo the terraced houses.

Anyway, here it is set up in the dining room behind closed doors (Arthur has taken to sitting on the baseboard if its left flat.....):

The lucam will be wood framed and planked.

There is enough room behind it to allow "Lyn" to comfortably pass by:

All-in-all, I'm pretty pleased with how its coming together although its a bit of a shame about the joint in the brick paper on the end wall. But this is a view that isn't going to seen much, if at all, so I think I can get away with a little trickery to blend it in. Unfortunately I had a little mishap with the window reveal on the top-right front window, which will need a bit of cosmetic work, too. The ground-level joints will need to be blended in when the building is finally fixed in place - some grass/weeds and general detritus (I fort 'e woz jus' a sergeant!) should do the trick.

Thanks for stopping by! :) 


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