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WANTED: Diagrams/blueprints of Irish (NI included) rolling-stock between 1945-2009

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Hello and good afternoon! I have been wanting to make a self-built model for a while, and it is to make any form of Irish rolling stock (or locos/DMUs too!), but I would like some diagrams for reference. I do not mind if it's between the '40s to the mid 2000s, I'd be happy enough to make anything during those years...I cannot find many, as finding them is quite hard.


Thank you.



Example down below:


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That one's easy, 228, as 836 is preserved at Downpatrick, and the RPSI has 837! You can visit Downpatrick and take pictures and measurements as much as you like. 

A coach like this was very common obviously on the GSWR prior to the 1925 amalgamation, but further afield all over the GSR after that. As you can see from above, all but one of this variant saw service into the 1960s. With 838 having survived until 1965, it is possible (though I cannot be certain) that it survived long enough to receive the black'n'tan livery. 

There were, however, many slight variants of this type of design - this was a sort of generic "house style" of carriages on the GSWR between about 1900 and about 1915. So, while there were just ten of this EXACT type, there were many other minor variations on the same theme, maybe with lightly different internal seating layout or the like.

How do you plan to build this -  plastic, brass? Coaches like this are perfect for just about ANY era of layout pre-1965.


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