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Proposed new timetable from 10/12/2023.

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Nothing too dramatic, but seeing four-five minutes come off most Cork-Dublin times is good. An extra run from Mallow to Cork in the mornings will be nice; hopefully the big commuter plans come through soon. Pre-9am arrivals are always important, and it's good to see Dublin-Cork get that along with the pre-existing Cork-Dublin. Speaking of, the early morning express only takes 2:15 now: could we see sub-2:00 in the future?

I can't help but note Kishogue is mentioned for a 2024 opening: will it happen? Sunday service for Portlaoise is a lot better too. The extra Drogheda services bring frequency to every 30 minutes for most of the day: part of the Dart+ preperations, I'd say.

The new train from Westport fills a five-hour gap between departures, and its return means another 1:20 before the last train of the night.

The service to Carlow fills in a three-hour departure gap on the Waterford line, which is quite sizeable.

Nothing new for Nenagh or South Tipperary: still at two trains a day with a six and a half and five hour gap respectively between any movements at all. There's still a five hour gap betwen departures from Limerick to Galway too.

Overall, the timetable improvements are welcome. The timetable once the new Darts hit will be the one to watch; Irish Rail themselves say the plan is to start regularising departure patterns next year.

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8 hours ago, 228RiverOwenboy said:

Was there not a few sources stating that Kishogue is due to open in December 2023? The tender for it said somewhere in November of this year, from what I can recall...

It seems to have been delayed: the journey time section says "Kishoge Station will open in 2024 with local Heuston & Phoenix Park Tunnel services serving this station. This timetable has made provision in train timings for the future opening of this station at Kishogue." Leaving aside the fact they spelt it two different ways in two different sentences.

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