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West Clare Diesel loco green.

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Colin R

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Hi Guys

For my oon3 layout, I now have six (yes six) of the Bemo V51/V52 bo-bo diesel locos. Currently they are all in a red/maroon livery, but I am thinking of repainting some of them into the early 1960's CIE Green like those on the West Clare and the others into Donegal Red as can be seen today

So my question is just what shades of red and green where they and where can I get buy them?

Thanks for any help.

Colin Rainsbury    

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The CIE green used was the standard lighter shade used on any coaches painted after 1955, and any green diesels after the D class.

The Phoenix Donegal red as shown in that ad is definitely not quite right - it was very slightly darker. Probably it's their advertisement rather than the paint - I hope so!

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The paint supplied is slightly darker than on my screen at least.

The Donegal style railcar (Long Cab and Articulated body are knock off copies of the old Anbrico unit but you do not get the wheels or trucks that you used to.)



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