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Access to a milling machine?

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I am looking for access to a milling machine.

I have some aluminium T-track for slotting into the track on a table saw and I need to reduce the height of the T-track by probably less that 1mm. I have three of these that are 450mm in length that I need done.

If there is anyone who couold help in the Wexford/Waterford area or anyone that I could send them to, I would appreciate it.



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If you get no luck on doing it the proper way, it would be feasible to bodge up a sort of 'thicknesser', using an abrasive wheel, even an angle grinder.

It would need great care and experimentation, particularly to get the dimension right on the first one, but it is achievable. After that, the second two should pass through and then be identical in thickness.

Just don't stand where it will be going if it snags up...

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17 minutes ago, RobertRoche said:

I'd rather try the proper way for this, but being that it is aluminium I may be able to use a router sled if all else fails 🙈

That's a better idea, but potentially less 'entertaining'...

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You could make a reasonable cutter, particularly for aluminium, from a drill with the diameter of your router's collets.

I did something similar, although in wood, when I wanted to rout a shallow groove to mount a tape just below a bench surface, to avoid it snagging and getting scraped.


My routers were 200 miles away at the time, but I bodged up a reasonable device from a cordless drill and a right-angle stand.


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