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Monogram Hudson Loco.

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OK, it is a model, but it's not really the result of modelling, as it would be understood in here.

This is an H0 scale Monogram Metal Master, Snap-Tite kit, that I got around the late 80s.

Someone saw it here yesterday and asked me about it - a quick check found that there is one on eBay now.






From opening the box to the finished item would take around ten to fifteen minutes - no gluing, no painting, nothing except carefully separating the items from the sprue and clicking them together. 

There are four pins which attach the vehicles to the track and they are a tiny bit oversize, a little (invisible) sanding will sort that - other than that, there is little modelling to do, it just snaps together, as seen. And the pins aren't really necessary, if you're prepared to rely on gravity.

The design of the mould is a true masterpiece of the art.

The kit was available in four forms, the 'silver', as above, a 'brass/gold' colour and a strange metallic blue version, plus a 'plain', unfinished moulding, for a painted final result.

(What you get is the silvery stuff - the base and the glass case are my work, to keep the dust off).

I did once convince someone, who had seen it from a couple of feet, and not felt the (lack of) weight, that it had been made in Hatton Garden, as a retirement present for Barnes Wallis.

There's enough volume inside the boiler and the tender to add the missing weight...

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