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Are there any modellers in Co.Mayo?

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Hi Tom, thanks for your message. I'm near Ballyhaunis. My interest is quite diverse, I have mostly British outline models in N, 00 and recently some in 0 gauge. Also US HO of which I have a small diesel depot layout made, and have a few Irish models from MurphyModels/Bachmann. My Irish stock is 3 x 141/181 loco's, 3 Craven coaches, and a rake of Bachmann/Murphy MK2's. Regards.. John

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hi john, i know ballyhanuis quite well, my grand father used to visit the corner bar years ago with my grand uncle.As i have read you have a bit of everything,i would call it a universal railway company ,you would'nt know whos coming down the track. You have a nice bit of stock.my stock is mostly irish from murphy models to bachmann to lima and some english stock.I have 4x181, 3x 201 , 6x mk2 galway livery coachs, a good few mk3 coaches, 6x cravens , 8x mk2 lima coaches. i bought a lot of british rail mk2 and mk3 coaches for repaints and alot of hornby freight from container carriages to coal carriages ,a bit of everything. I will be making my layout soon i hope , it all takes time.i hoping to build it in the 80s era. i have realised its not a cheap hobby.........cheers.....tom

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Hi guys and welcome, I'm not on Mayo, on the East side, you seem to have a fair share of stock to help get yourselvs on the road of setting up a layout, I have mostly UK outline rolling stock, made up of carriages, wagons, some diesel's, some loco's, all oo gauge, I would get confused with the other gauges, so I stick to what I think I know something about, I don't have a layout as yet, it's in the planning stage, just like all the others, :trains:

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