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A walk to Dungarvan

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Done this walk a few years back just after the track was lifted, so time to return and hit whats left of the ballast:p

The old red bridge is detiorating at an alarming rate, a few years back i was out as far as the fence didn t fancy it this time though!!!.

wat to dun 5.jpg

wat to dun 6.jpg

The last time i was here it was practically clear, only for a a horse riding school using the route, id be still out there weedwhacking. Still plenty of ballast and old sleepers in the undergrowth, sorry to see that the fixed distant signal board has been "liberated". Lots of evidence of "walking nocturnal wires" that used to be along the line.waterford to dungarvan 3.jpg

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waterford to dungarvan.jpg

Nice to see the first overbridge still in good order, on the roof theres still a healthy weathering of soot from the hardworking locos. Within a few yards of here the old line to Waterford South now used by the Narrow gauge railway.

waterford to dungarvan 2.jpg

Nice to see the Great Southern chairs still in use on the line!!!

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waterford to dungarvan 4.jpg

The old junction one line to Waterford South and the other to Waterford North. Freight to the site of the South station continued to run till a lot later than most people think thanks to the foundry, were a few of my relatives worked till the operation moved to the IDA estate.


The remains of the signal cabin.


The next part will be to Kilmeadan plus pics of the alignment from Waterford South to the junction.

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Did it a few years back, but definetly going to do it in stages over the next few weeks. I ll walk the alignment were possible but there will probably be a bit of cross country involved.

I ve vague memories of trains on the line, over the years i lived in hope that they d run something along there to keep the lifting crew away from there but to no avail.

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Main supports which are directly under the running rails,


From the right hand side there are metal cradles in which the sleepers sit, one empty, one sleeper, along with spacers that connect each one in groups of 2 to 3. Each one seemed to be filled with tarmacadam at some stage to the edge of the sleeper or the safety rail.

Yes, that is water below thank god for the auld safety harness.


The safety rail is attached to the frame by these monsters every few feet


The safety rail and right hand rail incidentally the bolts say 1977 whereas the plates on the sleepers are dated 1901 to 1911. The bolts to the left of the right hand rail are ties through the sleepers to the crossbeams



Left hand side running rail to the left hand side of the bridge


The scar's from a crash in 1945 are still visible at the Waterford side of the bridge



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