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Realistic Modelling

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The post that has just closed on the topic of the forum's name could just as easily have been on the topic of realistic modelling - the forum covers all standards of modelling and there is some that would have its place with the best. Just to mention two, Mayner and Patrick have produced some of the most realistic scenes that I have come across in a long time. I love reading Model Railway Journal but sometimes the standard can be just too high! I'm all for realism but sometimes the detail can be too detailed to no real end, other than personal preference.


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It's horses for courses, you can make it as highly detailed and realistic as you want or run basic out of the box 00 or tinplate 0 gauge if you like that sort of thing. It's up to you.


The magazines wouldn't want to feature articles with a whole load of carbon copy layouts with bog standard Hornby items. People just wouldn't find them interesting.

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I understand that for publications that they would want high end stuff to show off and make people go ohh and ahhh.

but it is nice to see some basic stuff, If even just for my own mind to say, well atleast im not the only one who doesn't/cant do ultra realistic scenes.

mind you .. i would if i could :D

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