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Z Gaquge Modeling

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There's an interesting thought...

If I remember rightly Z is 6.3mm gauge, so using N track [9mm] in Z scale would equate to around... too much, probably. Shame as am sure diesels in particular might be adaptable.

At the other end of the scale have often consider 1:48 [American O gauge] as 32mm track would be very close to 5' 3" and EM track [18mm] spot on for 3' narrow gauge. Wheels then become an issue though. Like most things on the Irish scene, a degree of compromise and scrathbuilding is essential.

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Hi geordie, just noticed your post. I bought a batch of brand new Tenshodo Z scale steam locos and a Rokuhan diesel .They are superb quality and far better engineered than Marklin. The new Rokuhan track system is superb quality too. I wouldn't like to try to kitbash these into anything else though. Its still my imtemtion to build a wee Japanese Z layout one of these days. heres a pic for you. Hornby OO tank alongside a Tenshodo Japanese national railways C62 4-6-4 and D51 2-8-2. Davy DSCN2968.jpg

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Hi UP, heres a couple of pics for you. It is a bit like the Bachmann easy track but the joins are hardly visible. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Check the Tenshodo loco too. Marklin do an American 4-6-2 but leave out trailing truck detail.Not the Japanese. Superb stuff.DSCN2973.jpg[ATTACH=CONFIG]10896[/ATTACH




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