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    I'm James, I am interested in railways both model and 12 inch to the foot scale. Volunteer with the ITG at Downpatrick, and model a mix of UK, Irish and US outline
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  2. There was a silver livery alright, but if I may be a tad pedantic, it's not accurate to state that carriages where painted in it. They were in fact finished in bare metal. The diesel locos that accompanied were however painted in their iteration of silver.
  3. Have also heard a slight expansion on this, "The Flying Snotsman", I thought that was quite good
  4. Thanks Mogul, unfortunately I won't be there long enough to see that working!
  5. Thanks ttc, that's exactly what I needed!
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me out with rough times of timber and liner workings in and out of Ballina/Westport? Heading out that way next week for a few days and hope to photograph some workings. Thanks in advance! James
  7. I think there's some confusion going on here. The Steam Dreams operation, the "Emerald Isle Explorer" is indeed kettle haulage, but the rail tours Ireland "Emerald Isle Express" is 071 hauled. Both have cravens stock. At least that's my understanding of the matter!
  8. I think there's an HO model of a thing very like it from Kibri. Not the cheapest though!
  9. Just however many were needed Dave, and they would often be seen in consist with other types of wagon, kegs, ferts, etc
  10. That van is vacuum braked, but has through piping for air brakes. This stems from its days in use on the Cork Postal liner, which was formed of TPO and BR van, plus 60' air braked flats loaded with containers. The coaches were marshalled at the front, and the loco would have both air and vac brake connections hooked up.
  11. I'm a volunteer at DCDR and we have one of these vans in regular use. I'll sort you out with interior layout shots on thursday!
  12. Tremendous work! You've really captured the look of these vehicles so far. Ok so maybe I'm being unrealistic, but given the level of detail you've put it into the exterior, you should give doing a basic interior a go!
  13. Dive, most probably because the railway then with extensive goods traffic, as well as a large stock of passenger carriages with life left in them, was geared towards loco hauled. Also, there was no Celtic Tiger to fund wholesale fleet replacement like seen in the 2000s!
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, it's been known to happen but wasnt the red buffer beam applied by one depot? Grand canal dock maybe? So it's possible that the lining was done by depots, rather than centrally at Inchicore, with the resultant variation in choice of white/black?
  15. I agree, and I think creep control is a good idea in many cases, but in the case of the 141s, working in and out of idle and notch 1 will have them creeping along anyway. You're correct, a DE does continue to load up when power is on
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