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Angus Moncur Model railway 1997-2013

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Angus Moncur was born in waterloo, Liverpool. He and his wife moved to Ireland in the mid 1990's, they moved to a place called Muríoch in west Kerry the farside of Dingle. Angus told me about the trains he saw as a child, in LMS days, he was a BIG LMS fan, which later grew upon me, so now the majority of my steam locomotives and steam carriages are LMS because of his influence. As im sure ye know Bachmann are due to produce their LYR 2-4-2T after December, I had aimed at buying one to show angus, but I was too late.


Angus died during summer 2013, I had meant to go out to him the week after but unfortunately he died in peace. I should probably mention that his wife had cancer from 2009 and was going through radio therapy etc. she was in a wheelchair looking very frail when I last saw her, she was the best in the world very inviting and very friendly. I should also mention that angus was agnostic (had no religion) but he converted to Catholicism and was baptised in Dingle church! They became ministers of the eucharist, and angus even got a medal from the pope for his work! At every wedding, baptism and funera angus and mollie would be volunteering with no help from any one local. They truly were the best of humanity, pitty we cant all be like them.


Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.


On my very last visit to Angus (after mollies death) I decided to take some photos of the east end of his large 00 layout. I was fortunate I took them as the layout is probably dismantled now. I brought my LMS 2P and my cravens over to show him their quality. His layout was based on waterloo to Crosby ("waterloo? I said, in London? It seems a bit small." Angus laughed and explained it was his local station in Liverpool, part of the Lancashire and Yorkshire later LMS I believe.). The layout ran the full length of the bungalow's attic which was considerably long. I haven't any measurements of it. The photos are not great quality but they are the only such photos of the layout, so apologies for that.


Also Angus had put aside his black 5 number 5000 and 4 LMS coaches away for me, he must have known that he was going to die, this surely must give me the reason to start building a model railway, I am undecided whether to do a 00 gauge version of my own local station Roscrea (with modifications to fit the room), a 009 layout based on the fictional but locally talked of extension from castlegregory to cloghane (my granddad was from castlegregory and got me interested in the T&D, now lives in dingle) or a 0-16.5mm version of the latter. Any suggestions would be great!


P.S date on pictures is wrong!







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Let us know if you do decide on Roscrea - my ultimate plan is a stylised Ballybrophy, so we'll have to organise timetables.


BB had everything - goods shed, engine shed, main line, branch line, turntable, water tank, small sidings, signal box, footbridge, road bridge, loop platform...


..centre of the Universe..

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Sure thing! are you 00 gauge? I have some shots of ballybrophy during the late 90's/early 200's of my childhood which ill dig out.


It may take me a while yet to get going - all pictures welcome. I'm sure it'll end up 00, if I try for 21mm it'll take longer than I have left..



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