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Posting Videos - File Formats .MOV - to - MPEG

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I was hoping to get some advise from the IT experts on this...


I would like to post more videos on here and on my Youtube channel. I have a reasonably good compact camera (Panasonic TZ10) with which to film. My problem is the files that it creates. They are .MOV format and are enormous. A couple of seconds of video ends up being 40 megs!!! Way too large to upload on my basic Eircom broadband. I have tried reducing the quality but to no avail.


My question is; Is there a was of 'post processing' videos into a more youtube friendly format without loosing too much in the way of clarity? If so what software tools should I use? I have googled this and came up with 1000 answers to a simple question so not much use.


Filming on the phone is not much use either as video quality is fairly dodgey (but are youtube compatible).




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Hey Tom,


What kind of PC are you working off, and what type of phone?


Hi Bosko,

To answer your question. The phone is a HTC Desire C, running Android, video files are .mp4 format. Crap CCD sensor in the phone equals poor video quality. But the files are small and are youtube compatible.


The Laptop is a 5 year old Sony VAIO running windows Vista, came preloaded with Adobe Photoshop Elements if that's any use (for video???). Would love to sort something regarding the .MOV movie files. Have a few videos taken in .MOV format that would be cool to post up i.e. Japanese Bullet Trains and NZ tranzAlpine.

If you have any thoughts as to what might work that would be great. Cheers :tumbsup:


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