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  1. Final update. 071 and Dapol Prestwins all sold. Many thanks to all who had a look. Kind regards. Tom.
  2. Another quick update on these items... Price drop: Murphy models 071 - now €120 Dapol Prestwin kits 043: €24 for the lot. Best regards. Tom.
  3. Quick update. Tara wagons are sold. BRMk2 coach also sold. Many thanks.
  4. Spring Clearout! Hi all. I haven’t been able to give the model railways as much attention of late. Life, house moves and motorcycles have all intervened. I haven't left the hobby, more an extended hiatus! Anyway, I have decided to sell on some stock, hope to find some good homes for all of these. All items are available for collection from south county Dublin (Stillorgan) area. Or County Waterford if that suits better. If you have any questions, just ask / PM me. Thanks for having a look. Regards, Tom. Murphy Models 071 in IE Black & Silver freight livery. Bought new from Marks Models Cork. Never ran/taken out of its box. All detail parts are included (never fitted). €130. ***SOLD Tara Wagons (x5) unfinished project. Wagons are converted from Dapol IOA wagons, and have a similar ‘chunky’ appearance to that of the original tara wagon. These retain all the running gear, couplings, and weights of the original wagon and run very well. Original plan was to create a rake of 8 wagons, I built 5 and have another 3 IOA wagons (unmodified) ready for conversion. Lack of time has meant these wagons have pretty much stayed in cold storage since I completed them. These have been weathered & graffitied to look like the prototype. Also included are a decal sheet, and etched brass hand wheels. Details on how I carried out the conversion can be seen on my Work Bench, look out for ‘Shinkansen’s Projects’. Selling together (not separately), €75 o.n.o for the lot. SOLD ***SOLD BR Mk2 BSO in Network South East livery (x1). Bought new from Grahams Toymaster. Never taken out of the box/ran. Selling at €10. SOLD*** Dapol C043 Prestwin kits (x6) Un-opened and unmade kits. Selling all together (not separately) at €30 for the lot.
  5. Hi all, I have 4x Hornby KFA container wagons for sale. All models are new in box, and have never been ran. Beautifully detailed modern intermodal conatiner wagon. Models R6485 x1 & R6485 x3. Available for collection in Dublin or Co.Waterford. Selling all 4 together. 120 EUR for the lot. PM me if interested. Thanks for having a look. Regards, Tom. http://www.ehattons.com/148703/Hornby_R6485_LN_03_KFA_Container_Wagon_with_1x_20_and_1x_40_container_Pre_owned_Like_new/StockDetail.aspx
  6. Yes, I would pay. A proper rtr A Class or 121 would be cool. A 22K would be no.1 for me, but probably the most unlikely of the 3 mentioned to ever happen.
  7. Fine piece of infrastructure Finnie. Well done, would like to see more pictures if you have them
  8. Hi all, doing a bit of stock taking at present. I have too many projects on the go and too little time unfortunately. So have decided to move on some items, hopefully they'll find good homes. Thanks for having a look. If you have any questions just ask. Prices do not include postage. Cheers Tom. Update ; Items 2 and 3 Sold, still to pay Item 1 - 1no. - 1:76 scale Bachmann Class 220 Voyager Virgin 'Maiden Voyager'. In good used condition, no box. 60 Euro SOLD STP - Item 2 - 4no. - 1:76 scale Hornby 'OTA' Timber wagons. EWS livery. Unused 'as new' condition, never ran. All detailed parts included. 50 Euro for the set of 4. SOLD - STP - Item 3 - 1no. - 1:87 scale Volvo L60E Wheel loader, with detachable implements, unused 'as new' condition. 2no. - 1:76 scale Fork lifts, unused 'as new' condition. 15 Euro for the pair.
  9. Love this layout. Proof that 'shoe-horning' the kitchen sink into a layout does not necessarily add to it. Even tough it has a very 'American' construction method to it (which I really like by the way), it captures the Irish countryside look and feel beautifully.
  10. Top stuff as always Glenderg. Mk3's taken to another level. Your glazing solution is class it must be said. Wish it was around 2 years ago when I built mine, would have saved a pile of ahem... labour! One question... what do you use to 'glue' the acetate in place? Cheers, Tom
  11. Very nice 3d graphics there murrayec. Really helps visualise the finished idea. What software did you use for it? It'll be a very unique setting, your DART model will look right at home Tom
  12. Awesome work Dave. I couldnt imagine how much time has gone into putting that all together. A very lucky customer indeed. The control panel and monitors look very cool. Top stuff:cool: Tom
  13. Very nice work John. Nothing as crisp and realistic as brass:cool:
  14. Nice work George, I'll echo that about the colour... the black that isn't black! Amazing realism. One of my all time favourite aircraft. Saw it sister the A12 on display once, Cold War technology at its finest. Tom
  15. Lovely sweeping trackwork there A4. Must be a joy to run full size trains on. The scale of it is something else. Very well done
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