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Original UTA / NIR railcar drawings for sale

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I am trying to sell, on behalf of a friend of mine, some drawings which originated in York Road. They are general outline drawings, but contain much peripheral information such as engine size, modifications, etc. I reckon they would be invaluable to modellers of the UTA / NIR scene 1954-84. They are actually perfect fodder for modelling, including side and end profiles. On most, livery details such as location, size and shape of logos is evident.


The drawings are as follows:


MED power cars 6 & 7


MED power cars 14, 16, 18, 20 & 22


MPD power cars 63, 64 & 65


70 Class power cars 71-8


Driving Trailers 711 & 712


NIR Railbus RB3


Hunslet Locomotives 101-3


GM Class 110* Locomotives 111-3


(* Contrary to popular descriptions, including within NIR, they originally called them class 110, not class 111!)


These are being offered for £4 / €5 each plus postage. Obviously, a buyer who takes the lot will pay a great deal less in postage... I'd have to put them in tubes to post.


I'm giving first option to IRM readers because I suspect they are of far greater use, as well as interest, in a forum like this. If there aren't any takers, they will be offered for sale (probably at a slightly higher price) on the RPSI May Tour.


The drawings are typically about 12 inches high X 15-20 inches long.


PM me if interested.

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Folks - to all of you who replied, very many thanks. I now have homes for all. Those of you who PM'd me, I'll reply tomorrow or Tuesday when I can find out what postage costs. If any of you are intending to travel on any part f the RPSI May Tour, I'll be on it Thursday - Monday inclusive.


Thanks again.i may have more stuff; will post as and when.

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