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Adjusting volume levels on Zimo sound decoders.

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I came across this on RMWEB and thought it might be useful for anyone who owns some of Model Shop Belfast's sound decoders. On the 141 sound chips I always found that some of the volume levels were a little unbalanced; the horn sound was too quiet, the flange squeal way too loud in relation to the prime mover. These decoders allow you to change the volume of any of the function triggered sounds seperately by altering the CV relevant to each function key. Each CV can be given a value of 0-255.


F0 CV571


F1 CV514


F2 CV517


F3 CV520


F4 CV523


F5 CV526


F6 CV529


F7 CV532


F8 CV535


F9 CV538


F10 CV541


F11 CV544


F12 CV547


F13 CV550


F14 CV553


F15 CV556


F16 CV559


F17 CV562


F18 CV565


F19 CV568


F20 CV674


F21 CV677


F22 CV680


F23 CV683


F24 CV686


F25 CV689


F26 CV692


F27 CV695


F28 CV698


Hope it's of some use, folks!

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