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BR MK1 Weedspray Coach Overlay Kit

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Just to put this to bed completely, Glenderg Models was never a commercial entity. It was just a guy in the building trade with a lot of time on his hands who made models to make a bit of beer money, no more. Not a single Client was ever charged the appropriate rate, or overcharged. I did it as a challenge to myself.and a learning process.


There are 14 orders outstanding to date - well orders to 14 clients. Once these are complete, I'll be closing the doors, deleting the account here, and maybe enjoying the hobby for myself for a change. I'd love to explain the background for all the ire by Dave and Andy, but I've emailed them very detailed correspondence, and that's where it should end gents.


Happy Fathers Day incidentally to all the "pull my finger" merchants on here.



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