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MK3 with IR Intercity Logo

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It might have been on one of the older iterations of the site, but I vaguely recall a thread about one or two MK3 coaches wearing the "intercity" branding with the IR points logo alongside, as maybe a corporate test?


Is my memory failing or did this occur, and if so is there photographic proof you might be willing to share? Any history associated would also help. That's "if" if did infact happen. :confused::o



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Yeah Glenderg, I think nearly all had them, and they were just removed as the new IE plug logo was introduced. (am I right to think that the IE plug logo introduction coincided with the introduction of the new 201 class?)


The conversation you might be getting confused with was one I started a while back, recalling that a small number of the Cravens (operating out of Conolly) got the IR points logo applied. Can't find the thread just now.

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