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Belfast Central Platfrom Four

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On the day the 22000's where sopose to start, I went out to photogarph it at Moria, but nothing came, so I went up to Belfast Central on a very full CAF class 3000 (forget the number) where I had to stand against the doors up to Central (which I didn't mind, as more people = more money = better services & trains) and when I got up to Central, there I found looking at Dedietrich No. 9001 and a GM EMD class 201 sitting in Platfrom two, it then left on a ECS, which I thought was a test train to Dublin through the floods, but about 10-20mins later, I get a text saying that me friend just saw 9001 & 231 in Adelaide depot and leaving again towards Central, next thing I see is 9001 first (York road direction) going through Platfrom 4 at Central!!

If I had my camera at the ready and known about it, I would of filmed it.


The reason for this was, the Dedietrich wa going to fortwillam depot, York road, Belfast.




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