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Rooting around the attic this evening I found this 1980s attempt at steam sound - budget sound, I mean really budget sound :)




They were supplied with some Hornby train sets of the era. It sounds hideous, more suitable for a child playing with duple trains.


But it got me thinking of how simple it would be to create a simple mobile phone app to play synchronised trains sounds on a few channels. I found one on app store called iTrain but it was very poor. I reckon a few tracks that could be played simultaneously.


  • Passing train rail noise + wheel clack over joints
  • Assorted Diesel Horns
  • Assorted Steam Whistles
  • Flange squeal
  • Station background noises, people, announcements, etc
  • Various Steam loco chuff chuff
  • Assorted GM Diesels including manual notch up and down

All this needed is about 30 looping sound files and an app to play them with touch gestures, or use camera on phone to detect passing models and auto play sounds!!!

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I remember one of our number complaining about the cost of sound-fitted locos and I think I replied saying that you can't expect anything for nothing, or an equally undiplomatic reply.


Well, I may have to eat my words.


Rails of Sheffield are advertising a Hornby Class 37 with sound for about €100! Or a lot less than a hundred nicker in my langauge!


See -




So maybe "the Whole island WILL become full of noise" (to misquote fellow Ulsterman Kenneth Brannagh at the opening of the Olympics) and we'll see much cheaper sound-chipped Irish locos?



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