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Point Motors

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I've being researching point motors (ok looking at pictures) and would be interested in what people think about the ins and outs of same. I currently run locos on DCC, but plan to operate points on DC (trying to operate 2 or 3 locos along with points sounds a bit onerous).


The surface mounted point motor seems to simplest to install but is not very visually 'realistic'. Also with the surface mounted, how can it cater with foam underlay as the mechanism would not be at the same level. This leads to another issue with any type of point motor, the points have to be securely fixed to the baseboard, if there is foam underlay will this not create some play (laterally) in the points (or is the underlay squashed tight?).

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Hi Alan,


The first choice would be what type of point motor, solenoid or slow motion like a Cobalt point motor. It would be better to glue the foam and then glue the point to the foam, then a point motor could be installed underneath or surface mount. If you are surface mounting you would need a spacer to bring the motor up to the height of the point.

The solenoid point motor is the cheapest but I prefer the slow motion point motor it looks so much better when switching.

I will be offering a new point motor package shortly, it uses servo motors and a digital controller. You can surface mount them and mount them under the point. Each controller can switch 12 servo motors. A DCC module will also be available which will have the capability to control up to 192 servo motors. The package will include the control module, 12 servo motors, 12 switches and LED's for route indication and a power supply. Price will work out around €14 per point.

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Robbie, that system is the Minx Microdrive which is an excellent system but it is expensive and works out at €22.50 per point. The servo system I am proposing is far cheaper.


Alan, yes the basic controller can do 12 points. The DCC module can control 16 modules or 192 points! The Hornby DCC module can only do 4 points. The system can be standalone or be controlled from the Hornby Elite or have both.


Here's a couple of videos on them.



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