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DART Model

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That's the one! Still at the earliest part of the planning stage but looking more and more likely to come!


Ah yes, the Commitments. That opening shot over the Isaac Butt bridge, soundtracked to "Destination Anywhere". Magic. And Dublin being presented as a proper metropolis on film, with nary a diddlyiddle in site (other than the Corrs auditioning of course).

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I demand some teaser photos for us to all get hot, bothered and excited over! PIMP


I wish I could oblige! Nothing to see at the moment apart from some boring grey CAD construction lines! It's on the long finger until I can iron out some of the problems with the DD models(nearly sorted). The good news is that the DD project acted as a proving ground for a new construction technique that I plan to use for the 8100 so I expect development and production to be a good bit faster.

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