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Union Pacific F3 DCC sound.

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Nice! I have a proto 2000 F7 A-B-B-A set in SP black widow with factory sound (QSI) and the sound is so poor compared to yours. I thought the tsunami was the best but the loksound sounds superb! Are the 8 pin or board replacements?


Thanks, Fran.

I'll be honest, I have an F7 A&B fitted with Tsunamis and while they sound great the Loksound is just as good and has much better control.

It's an 8 pin decoder and I hardwired an 8 pin socket into the A unit as well as a bass enhanced speaker. I made the B unit into a dummy and installed a second speaker in the shell. Both are wired in series to the decoder, you can see the speaker wires going between the units. I also used a drawbar between the units rather than couplers.

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