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Pat Eddery World Champion jockey, RIP

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For those of us who may have had an interest in horse racing & maybe had a flutter or two in the 70's 80's will be sad as I am to hear of the untimely passing of the legendary World champion jockey Pat Eddery, who passed away on Tuesday, I never won any fortune betting on Pat as he was always at such short odds & sure to win, such was his knowledge of the horse & it's capabilities. I never regretted losing too his ability, I just admired his skill, may he RIP

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I worked in a bookies, and like a punt now and again. I am sad to hear of his passing, but I always got a nasty dose of seconditis with him.


Could'nt get a winner out of him. The funniest being an occasion in the Black Lion in Inchicore, June 1999. Choice between Eddery on one horse and C-Harry at some shagging handicap at Lingfield. Went for Eddery, 10/1, C Harry 3/1 Fav, going for its 3rd win, and I'm thinking 'Hes too high in the weights' final leg of a Yankee for 1,500 Quid.


Pipped at the line by C-Harry.



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Not a follower of Flat racing (I prefer NH and point-to-point), but Pat Eddery was probably the Flat jockey for the 1980s.


Like many, he lived to ride and preferred the company of horses to people but, when it was all over, the whole point of his life and focus evaporated. Alcoholism claimed him, and had a terrible knock-on effect on his wife and children.

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