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Layout design software

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For someone who belongs to the age of steam, grey hair and the Rolling Stones, and whose IT knowledge is limited to the fact that Apple are in Cork, a blackberry is a "device", and if you eat too many blackberries you'll get Bluetooth.....


What is the best idiot-proof (and free!) app to download with which to design layouts?


It needs to be pitched at a level that a mentally-challenged woodlouse can understand. That's me.

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I ve used AnyRail , but dont rate it


I used both Trax3 and SCRAM , Trax3 , only comes when you buy the associated book

I found it the best


SCRAM , I could get to grips with quickly and its " OK" in my view


All of them have funnies and odd ways of doing things, not found a simple but powerful layout design tool yet




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