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3.5 inch Hornby Rocket Static Model

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Hi All


I picked up a Hornby Rocket Static Model kit last week at the Stillorgan Show, I plan to Live Steam it and have trawled the internet for photos and info- found loads but some things I cannot find;-


If anyone can help it would be much appreciated


1. A copy of the Live Steam instructions.

2. Has anyone taken photos of the cylinder steam ports- the static model does not have these drilled out, I have worked out the approx set-up but it would be nice to know I'm on the right track. This may also be indicated in the instructions?

3. Has anyone got photos of the piston parts- these parts are not included in the static kit!


The kit;


SR-01 IMAG1894.jpg


The offending cylinders with no ports;


SR-02 IMAG1895.jpg


Thanks if you can help



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On the Stephenson's Rocket Model;-


Nelson;- it would be great to see any photos you have, but its the inside bits I require if you ever took it apart and photographed it....


This is the idea I have on drilling out the steam chest and cylinders;-


The first image shows the cylinder assembly from the instructions, note there are 4 holes shown along the centre line of the chest port face which are not drilled out on the kit, also a longitudinal steam way will be required to be drilled out also (I indicate this on my sketch of the side view with dotted lines)




The second image is my sketch as to how I reckon the system needs to be modified, but not to sure! pity the instructions don't show the cylinder port face




If these sketches mean anything to anyone I would be interested to hear what you think





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That dates back to 1979 at least, and it was a bold venture for Hornby at the time. I think the list price back then was about 200 quid. There were matching S&D coaches to go with it, and they had opening doors. Can't remember list price of those, but £43.50 each sticks in my mind for some reason.


Rocket and its coaches were still in the catalogue for 1981, but I don't remember seeing them after that year.

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There is a hand written date on the instructions- 7-4-1982


In my search I read that Hornby employed an outside company to build the models and Hornby added their name. I'd say they regretted in the end because a lot of people experienced trouble running them- steaming problems, gas container and seals perishing, and it was constructed 4mm to small of 3.5inch gauge!


Not sure but I reckon the static model idea was to recoup...



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