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UTA Station Painting Programme 1964

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From the Catacombs, which are being thinned out at that moment:







Timber Buildings



Framing Grey

Sheeting grey

Windows Ivory



Ceilings Flat White

Walls Ivory 61. Dados - where essential, grey.

Skirtings Black

Doors Grey

Door Frames Grey.


Masonry, etc.



Windows Ivory

Woodwork Grey

Doors Grey



Woodwork Grey

Doors Grey


Notice Boards & Signs

Black letters on yellow background


Cranes, Lamp Posts, Water Columns, tanks, etc.; Downpipes and all steelwork

Silver grey Ferodor inside and out





Sheeting Grey



Sheeting Ivory

Trusses - Steel Ferodor Silver Grey.

Timber - Ivory

Columns Grey

Bases Black


Signal Posts


White or creosoted.

Steelwork Silver Grey Ferodor


NOTE: All steelwork to be silver grey Ferodor, "woodwork" door frames and window surrounds to be grey.

Lavatories, etc., if whitewashed to be treated on a "like for like" basis.

Ladies Waiting Rooms

dados to be Peach British Standard B.S.1/021 instead of Grey as above.


Green is not to be used for any purpose.









Notes by jhb171:


1. Ferodor was a metallic silvery paint.


2. The prohibition of green was nothing to do with northern political sensitivities (the green was a dark one, anyway). It was to eliminate the "old" image and herald in the new; a new "corporate image" culture. Despite this, the fact that both the UTA and GNR had used a mid-dark-green in station paint (as did the GSR and CIE!) meant that as late as the 1980s (Antrim and Ballymoney), UTA green paint was to be seen in many places. I remember it in Lisburn when that station was being repainted extensively in 1974.


3. I don't know who "EC" is in the signature line; "HCAB" is jhb171Senior, who was then the UTA's railway civil engineer.


I am beginning to thin out the Catacombs, so goodness knows what will turn up! I will retain some stuff, and send other material to various archives where they are most appropriate, and where they will be displayed for public view.

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Thanks JHB, great to have that accurate information.

I was at the RPSI last night at a talk about the acquiring and development of Whitehead. There was a picture of you with others with a Mobile Shop at Whitehead and also one of your Father being interviewed for a TV documentary. Can you recall what the programme was called and which TV channel showed it?

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