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Loco Repair Needed

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Does anyone here do a repair service or would be interested in looking at a loco for me, a paying gig of course.


I have a rivarossi 4-6-4 that needs attention.


The motor is ok, but the pick ups in the tender are not always supplying power to the motor.


I can't figure it out.



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Hi Roxyguy,


let see if we can save you the money first, from what you are saying I suspect that you either have a dry solder joint (at either end) or the link wire itself is broken inside the insulation somewhere. Do you have access to a small hand held electronic tester? if you do try making a circuit with the tester touching one tend to the motor and the other end to where the wheel pick up from.


if you get a circuit try gently moving the cable and see what is happening if the meter reading goes from 1 down to zero you will need to replace the cable or at this stage check for a dry joint with a small soldering iron. Hopefully this should sort the problem out for you.


The other thing to check is the connecting pins between the loco and the tender, pull the pins apart and give them a good spray of electrical contact cleaner, allow to dry and re assemble then try it again.


Hopefully either of these will help.


Good luck.

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Where are you based man?

If you are in the Bray vicinity this Sunday bring it along to the Bray Wheelers show

There are a couple of lads that attend that repair damaged stock , only problem is that they dont come every month

There are also a few lads in the MRSI who bring old locos back to life, they may be able to help

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Cheers for that Colin. The loco isn't wired to the tender so it may need to be wired rather than trusting the connecting pins? I've cleaned all the pick ups etc but to no avail.


In that case it sounds like one of the pins is getting stuck in, try electrical contact cleaner sometimes it is the spring inside which need to be to replaces or looked at.


Hope you get it sorted.

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