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Stockists of MM Sound Decoders

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Not too many stockists of these, I see Marks Models has some in stock for the 201, has anybody else seen sound decoders available elsewhere?




Hi Mark


Can I recommend four possible options:


  1. All diesel classes http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/styled-5/index.html (LokSound DCC chips)
  2. All diesel classes http://www.mrsoundguy.co.uk/msgiindev.html (Zimo DCC chips)
  3. Limited to 071 or 201 class only http://www.marksmodels.com (i.e. a murphy model retail agent) (LokSound DCC chips)
  4. Blow your own DCC chip using an ESU LokProgrammer and sound files from ESU (if you like techie stuff and have the time)

I have used options 1,2,3 myself and forum member 'irishthump' has had great success with option 4. Personally I prefer 1 and 2 as they drive much more realistically than the generic Murphy Model sound chip. I particularly like WheelTappers new projects that have the new ESU 'Power Drive' driving mode (i.e. LokSound 'Full Throttle' feature). This allows you to coast, brake, and in particular totally take control of notching, or leave notching in automatic mode. The Zimo from MrSoundguy as also a joy to drive and probably the most prototypical of all if you like really slow scale acceleration, coasting and driver induced braking instead of inertia deceleration.


Hope this helps



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