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Bachmann Europe are pleased to announce that we are producing a Branchline OO scale model of the Class 812 0-6-0 steam locomotive for Rails of Sheffield. The announcement was made today at the Model Rail Scotland show in Glasgow, following an agreement being reached with the Caledonian Railway 828 Trust. The following models are now available to pre-order with Rails of Sheffield (£30 deposit required):

  • No. 828 in Caledonian Railway Blue livery (as preserved)
  • No. 828 in Caledonian Railway Blue livery (as originally built)
  • No. 17566 in LMS Black livery
  • No. 57565 in BR Black, Early Emblem livery (weathered)
  • No. 57566 in BR Black, Late Crest
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Oh dear, more money gone - a Scottish Drummond engine (Dugald is buried four miles from this house) will be hard to resist, especially in Caley Blue - ALMOST as nice as the livery of a certain railway running North from Dublin.

Bearing in mind that with Hornby's recently announced NBR Holmes 0-6-0 tender loco, this is only the second truly Scottish RTR loco, (oops, third, I'd forgotten Caley 123) we folk on the other side of the Irish Sea are very lucky having had RTR models of our own locos (OK, mainly diesels, but absolutely Irish) for over ten years now.

Is it any wonder that I am still working at 71, with all the wonderful models available?

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39 minutes ago, leslie10646 said:

Oops! In fact massive oops!

Really got my CME's mixed up. AND it was Mr Mackintosh who designed those lovely (and rather good) "Dunalastair" Class - now THAT model would be irresistible

What was I saying about age?

Mcintosh did design the Dunalastair 721 class, and many were built or modified in various ways.


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