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Diy tips

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This has nothing to do with the model railway side of things but it might be of benefit to someone in real life.

For mixing paint I use an old paint bucket with a hole in the lid. I put the mixing paddle through the hole, close the lid and attach it to the drill. I can then mix the paint without any splashes.
I needed some countersinks for a project I was working on (a picnic bench). I bought some but they came in a blister pack which was no good for storage. I used an off cut of wood to make a storage rack for them. I used each item to make a hole for itself. I also made a storage hole for the Allen key that is used to loosen and tighten the grub screw on the countersinks. This fits in the drill case.







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Now all you have to do is remember to put it back in the drill case.


Here's my DIY tip: Don't try to install a GRP shed roof unless you do it for a living, and if you do, charge the earth for it. I came within an ace of going headfirst through the (to be installed) skylight when it suddenly rained (after a fine forecast till it didn't matter) and I had to drag the tarpaulin over at an indecent speed. Just- set resin is very slippery! Next time a roof is needed, I'll consider the advantages of getting wet.

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