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Worsley Works kits

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Hello its me again.

I have decided i may want to have a few kits from the Worsley range. these would be an MED, 70 class and GNR railcar6/7. I'm a little stuck as to what other components would be required to create these kits. is it just a set of frame and bogies (plus motor) or will there be nmore to it than that.

These would be my first kits i ever build. but as no RTR is available for anything similar i thought i would give it a good go

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Hi sayhall27

For a first kit ever build- I would recommend starting with something a bit simpler and smaller- wagons, vans or for a little more complex to test the skills- a SSM guard van... don't cost to much for practising on, these are generally quick builds, so finish quickly for best gratification when starting

Here is a quick generic shopping list;-


Motor & Gearbox


Bogie Side Frames

Bogie Electrical Pickups

Wheel Sets

Couplers - for two coach units use electrical couplers


Hose pipes

Underframe details- Battery box, Dyno, Break Equipment, Water Tank, Fuel Tank, etc.... all depending on the level of detail you want

Corridor Connectors


Directional Lights

Screen Rain Wipers







Interior Lights


Roof - if not in kit?

Roof Vents

Rain Strips

Roof Bands

Door handles

Hand Rails


Other detail parts as required?


I think I've covered most things, but if not I'm sure it will be added

I also recommend some research on model building and the trains your going to build- Ian Rice books are a must and George Dent's books on building Locos and his second book on rolling stock. There are loads more out there to choose from.

Tools! plenty of tools.

Building models is great fun




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I totally agree with Eoin start simple and work your way up, a word of warning about Worsley works kits they don't come with instructions. Look for the Comet Coach web site as they have the basic instruction manual for a lot of brass etch kits or the suggested way to put a coach together.

Tools this is a personal thing but scalpels are a must as are Pliers, side cutter and long nose pliers to start with small screwdriver's both flat and pozi drive a good cutting mat and a good piece of  3/4inch  Ply wood about 18inch square will serve as a work top for soldering.

This is very basic but get a good soldering Iron and stand and if you can afford it a soldering Iron station this will give you different heats.

Files (loads) do not use the same file on white metal and brass, get a separate file for each type of metal.

Most of the basic stuff you can get from the local DIY super market, but go on line and find a modelling tool supplier for the finer stuff.

If you can get them (via Amazon) look out for any of the John Ahern books the one which is a must and that is Miniature locomotive construction it is some what dated but I still find it to be useful after 30 of owning the book.


Colin Rainsbury










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Very good advice above! The world is full of half made kits started by enthusiastic but inexperienced modellers and Worsley Works stuff are not an easy job. 

 In fact, they are really just an aid to scratch building, saving you having to cut out the major body parts from sheet metal and in that respect they work well. However, Eoin's list shows just how much more you need to source, while the fact that there are no instructions means you need to know a lot about the prototype to put the model together. A decent outline drawing and lots of photos essential here.

 As the others have said, try something simpler and build up from there. Wagon kits always good as in many ways, coach kits can be harder than locos, because of all the fine detail.

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