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HORNBY train

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Hi guys first post here, I have a hornby train  00gauge I bought secondhand and the motor spins but the wheels don’t? I was wondering does anyone know a repair center or some person who repairs trains? Also have another train seized was working up until yesterday. Been collecting these since I was 7,40 odd years ago and their special to me. 

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15 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:

Where are you living man?


3 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:

There are a couple of shows over the next 2 weeks in Dublin if you can get up

3 or 4 people attend who can sort out most problems

Bray this Sunday and the bi Annual MRSI 3 Day show in Raheny Oct 27 - 29th

Thanks Raheny one might b better, r they big jobs is it quick enough? 

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Sounds like a cog is missing on the first one and some work required on the second, but nothing major. There'll be enough heads at the show who know what they're at, someone will have an answer, a fix, a bodge. I'm handy on ringfield motors, but the older triang type are outside of my pay grade. Eoin? 

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