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Bogus website Garbaya sells murphy models

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Ebay ?1? Beware..the demons

there is a bogus web site called Garbaya who spam sells many hot items of the day including  murphy models, any items, if there are a lot of bids for them, i saw a 141 for $40.00, when i asked Visa about it, they said that Garbaya regularly scam/ hit customers credit cards for 500.00, after they make the bogus sale, and then send you a $1.00 pair of sunglasses so that they have a postal ticket, and then you cant lodge a compliant.

my techi son says they (their computers) watch best selling items on all sites and send billions of lines of code randomly to millions of ip addresses, if by a slim chance they get what your looking for ,,mtch your outgoing search with there bogus items, you get hit , popup, with the advert and the murphy model then pops up on your pc, instead of the ebay or amazon item you were searching, much like the signal in DCC, ,, yes it a terrible irony

the link below is an 'open office' non microsoft file, so it may not open in ms word, we use open office cos its totally stable and free, its a screen shot on the equivalent to word docs, a screen shot of a murphy model for $40.00 black and tan 141,, BEWARE OF GARBAYA, bogus web garbaya.odt

my son tells me they change the name of the web site and worse they move server and country so they cant be tracked.

if its too good to be true, then its too good for you. stay away fro garbaya...

bogus web garbaya.odt

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