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Being new to this I have never actually heard a few things said. I know that CIE is not 'cee' and NIR is not 'nerr' but how do you pronounce MED and BUT?

I guess it is acronyms with a vowel that are the problem, so MPD is 'emm pee dee' and not 'mupud', or do some of these have extra vowels supplied?

I'm all ears...

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Like CIÉ and NIR, the names of the MED (multi-engine diesel) and MPD (multi-purpose diesel) railcars were pronounced as three separate letters, e.g. M E D, M P D, N I R, C I E. I never heard them being pronounced as if they were a word. On the other hand, the BUT railcars were referred to either as three separate letters - B U T, or as a single word - 'but'. Hope this helps.

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