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UTA/NIR "Enterprise" dining car

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Lambeg man


I am attempting to model the 1960's UTA/NIR catering vehicle No. 552 (ex-GNR No. 88 - classification 'B 6').

I have the following drawing of the interior as it would have been around 1957 when it became a BUT trailer.


However in 1962 it paid a visit to Duncrue Street Works where it got a major overhaul. The fixed seating shown in the above drawing was removed and loose chairs were substituted and the former door at the left hand end was paneled over. It was and remained the primary catering vehicle in the UTA/NIR "Enterprise" BUT railcar set until it was replaced with the 'Class 70' set in 1969. However, it was by now designated as a "Buffet Car" rather than as a "Restaurant Car", which it had been from when it was built.

To this end I am guessing that a 'Bar' was installed somewhere in the Kitchen area as was done with No. 554 when that was altered to run in the 'Class 70' set.

Any information on what the interior layout of this carriage was post 1962 would be most helpful.  

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My understanding is that when the RPSI got hold of it there was a serving  / bar area where the very last 2nd class seating area is shown. The dividing partition between 1st and 2nd class areas was gone. One, at least, of the toilets had become a store. I remember getting cleaning stuff in there.

In the kitchen area the serving hatch, at an angle, had gone, and a right angled corner was there instead. The server / bar was facing the seats.

Now, I say that it is my "understanding" that this was so. The reason I say that is that I do not remember the RPSI re-designing the interior, but this COULD have happened; John Richardson would be about the only person who could answer that, as he looked after the car and catering before I took over in 1988. By that stage this vehicle was out of use, replaced by UTA 87, the interior of which WAS completely rebuilt by the RPSI - I should know, I designed it!

If in earlier days the RPSI DID alter the interior, then I cannot comment on what it had been like. I do recall vaguely that its entire interior panelling was very garish 1960s red and grey formica plastic!

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That is very helpful Jon, many thanks for that.


Have just found this Ken Pullin sketch. It confirms what you said. It also confirms that there was no separate "bar" installation put in by the UTA.

Presumably even though it was designated as a "Buffet Car", any drinks etc. must have been served at table? In fact it appears there was no alteration to the kitchen area in 1962.


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