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When were the Class 121's re-engined?

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9 minutes ago, irishthump said:


Anybody have a timeline for when the 121's were fitted with the EMD 645 engines taken from the withdrawn class 201's?

Trying to decide which engine would be most appropriate for my Supertrain 121's!

The bulk of the 201s were withdrawn in 1984/5/6, so presumably shortly after that.

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Referring to the ITG's 2004 guide, the following information may be of use. As built, the 121s all had the GM 8-567CR engine.

Those changed, which don't seem to be all of them, are as follows. In this case, the replacements are:

A = GM 8-B645E

B = GM 8-567CR

All 835RPM, all 950 HP.

I have listed below the details; in the absence of an "A" or a "B", it may be assumed that they had their original engine until any swops took place with ex-"C" classes, and 141s or 181s.

"ST" = Stopped - actual official withdrawal could come up to sixteen years later, or a month later - but for the modeller, the last date they were seen out and about is more relevant.

"SC" = Scrapped at Inchicore.

Loco     ST          SC       Engine

121    1995*       03

122    2001         02

123    2002         ??             B               Used for a year after stopping as Inchicore pilot

124                                       B               Retained for preservation

125    1986*       02 

126    1995         02            A

127    2002         03            A

128    2003         03

129    2003         03            B

130    2001         02

131    2001         03            B

132    1994*       02                               See note below re. push/pull

133    2003         03           A

134                                      B                 Preserved RPSI

135    2003        03            A


Note re 132: Mention has been made elsewhere about the fact that 121 haulage was used on push-pulls in the Dublin area, as the "C"s (OK, 201s!) were beginning to approach their end lives. According to this resource, 132 was the only 121 fitted for PP, but later it had this removed "due to excessive engine noise".

*  These three were stopped on the dates shown as a result of fire damage in the engines. They lay around for years, still technically "on the books" as they were being stripped for spares for the others. No. 125, for example, was stopped in March '86, but not officially withdrawn and scrapped until 2002.


Withdrawal dates for the C / B201 / 201 class were as follows:

201   Blown up by bomb 1973

All the others 1984 (4), 1985 (4), and 1986 (25).

Several had been "stopped" earlier, in 1981-3, but not scrapped. Thus, it is possible their engines remained inside them - so overall, it would seem that in relation to the removing of their engines for use in the 121 class, it's overwhelmingly 1984-6, maybe a year or two later at most.


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